West Africa
Nine incidents of piracy and robbery of vessels were reported off West Africa of which eight were recorded off the Nigerian coast. Five incidents were reported off Bonny island, Brass and the Brass internal waterways. Three incidents were recorded off Lagos of which two were attempted robberies while vessels were anchored off Lagos. Two incidents, one off Lagos and one off Brass, resulted in the kidnapping of 14 crew members. A robbery on a OSV took place at Baie du Bango, Abidjan Port, Ivory Coast.


In December 2017 two kidnapping incidents were reported off Nigeria:

14 December 2017 -  Six pirates attacked the Bulk Carrier, MV Skylight from a boat approximately 32nm South of Brass. Ten crew members were kidnapped from the vessel. 10 The crew members were release in January 2018.11

14 December 2017 -  Four Chinese men were kidnapped from a fishing trawler near Lagos, Nigeria. According to the Nigerian Navy the kidnappers took the hostages to their camp in Igbokoda, Ondo state approximately 150km east of Lagos. Naval forces sighted the kidnappers as they entered Igbokoda. The kidnappers fired on the naval gunboat and the they returned fire. The hostages were rescued, but not without sustaining injuries. Navy sources reported that one suspect was arrested during the rescue operation. According to other naval sources one kidnapper, only identified as “General”, was killed during the rescue operation.12 In 2013 a suspect in the MV Crow hijacking, Adekunle Adeboye,  connected an individual named “General” from Igbokoda as the kingpin in the MV Crow and MV Notre hijackings in 2013.13
Attacks on Pacific International Lines (PIL) Vessels

Two PIL managed/owned container ships were attacked off Nigeria

7 December 2017 MV Kota Sempena was chase and fired on by masked men armed with automatic weapons approximately 40nm south of Onne Port Fairway Buoy, Nigeria. The crew of MV Kota Sempena took evasive manoeuvres and fired on the speed boat with three flares after which the speedboat broke the chase off.14

24 December 2017 MV Kota Sejarah was attacked by seven pirates 39nm SW of Bonny Island, Nigeria. One pirate boarded with the help of a ladder and fired towards the bridge. The master contacted the Nigerian Navy and headed towards the security boat. The pirates aborted the attack on approach of the security boat.15

Ferry Operator Killed during Robbery

24 December 2017 - A ferry operator was killed during a robbery at Okobotuo, Nigeria when the robbers discharged their weapons in the air . The perpetrators left without stealing anything after they noticed that they had killed someone.16

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