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Six incidents of piracy and robbery of vessels were reported off the Gulf of Guinea in June 2018, of which five were off the Nigerian coast. An attempted robbery on an OSV was reported at Takoradi Anchorage, Ghana. A robbery and an attempted robbery were reported at Lagos Anchorage and two attempted robberies at Apapa , Lagos Port, Nigeria. Passengers in a boat were robbed on the Idama Waterways, Nigeria.
Incidents at Lagos Anchorage and Lagos Port, Nigeria in 2018

Several robbery incidents on vessels were reported in Lagos Anchorage and Lagos Port jetties in 2018. Incidents at Lagos Anchorage can be classified as petty theft and in the majority of incidents robberies were unsuccessful. Robbers managed to steal from vessels in about half the incidents at the different terminals at Lagos Port. Fuel and paint stores are stolen. Robbers gain entrance through the open waterfront at Lagos Port. Robbers approach in canoes and board with a rope attached to a hook. It is speculated that the termination of security personnel were a contributing factor to the increase in incidents. The implementation of  24-hour port operation to alleviate congestion in port also places pressure on security operations in port.

Vessels at berth at Josepdam Port Services were targeted in a few of these incidents. The Josepdam fuel dump was also hit by a group of robbers on 18 March 2018. Eight drums of fuel were stolen. It was found that members of staff was complicit in the thefts and they have since been fired.11
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