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Ten incidents of piracy and robbery of vessels were reported off the Gulf of Guinea in September 2018. One incident was recorded in Guinea, two in Ghana, six in Nigeria and one in the Congo.


17 September 2018 -  The anchored Product Tanker, Sti Hammersmith was boarded by four armed robbers at Conakry Anchorage, Guinea. The alarm was raised, the accommodation locked down and the crew mustered in the citadel. The armed men fired at the bridge windows and gained access to the accommodation which they then ransacked. Crews possessions were stolen. A navy boat arrived to assist the crew.8


20 September 2018
-  The Tanker, MT Maran Homer was robbed while at anchor at Pointe Noire Anchorage, Congo.9

A robbery on an OSV and an attempted robbery on a Container Ship were recorded at Takoradi Anchorage, Ghana.

Two kidnappings were recorded in September 2018. Two members of a survey team were kidnapped in the internal waterways near the Bayelsa- Rivers state boundary and 12 crew members were kidnapped off Bonny. In addition to this attack two other attacks were also reported off Bonny. A robbery was recorded on the Bonny River. An attempted robbery was reported at Lagos Secure Anchorage Area (SAA).

20 September 2018 -  A passenger boat carrying an oil company seismic survey team was attacked near the Bayelsa-Rivers State boundary. Ten personnel were kidnapped, but all except for the surveyor and community affairs officer were returned later. It is believed that the kidnapping is linked to a local community dispute.10

20 September 2018
-  A passenger boat carrying 20 passengers was attacked on the Bonny River by seven armed men in a speedboat. They stole passengers money, cell phones and other valuables. They forced passengers to disembark in the mangrove and stole the passenger boat.11

21 September 2018 -  At 01:00LT two robbers attempted to syphon product from no 1 port cargo tank on the Petroleum/Chemical tanker, BW Puma at SAA, Lagos. The robbers jumped overboard on discovery and escaped in two small boats.12

22 September 2018
-  At 04:50LT the drifting Bulk Carrier, MV Global Aquirius was attacked by armed pirates in a speedboat 54nm SW of Bonny Island. The embarked Nigerian Navy security team fired warning shots after which the pirates ended the pursuit.13

22 September 2018 -  At 06:00LT the Swiss flagged Bulk Carrier, MV Glarus with a cargo of wheat was boarded 45nm off Bonny. The vessel was boarded with long ladders and the razor wire was cut to get entry to the vessel. Navigational equipment was destroyed. The pirates kidnapped 12 of the 19 crew.  The incident was reported to the Nigerian Navy which dispatched a vessel to the scene. The remaining crew sailed the MV Glarus to a safe anchorage.14

25 September 2018 -  Tanker, Densa Whale was attacked by seven armed pirates in a speedboat 100nm SSW of Bonny Island. They broke the attack off when the security team fired warning shots.15
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