West Africa
Two robberies and an attempted robbery were reported in anchorages in the Gulf of Guinea. The LPG Tanker Norgas Shasta was robbed while anchored at Takoradi Anchorage, Ghana4 and the Product Tanker, GSW Forward at Lagos General Purpose Anchorage, Nigeria. An attempt to rob a chemical tanker failed at Folawiyo Terminal, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria.

19 August 2017 -  At 03:50LT the duty watch keepers on the Product Tanker, GSW Forward spotted a floating object on the bow. The armed security guard fired warning shots, after which one robber jumped overboard. The crew implemented anti-piracy measures and retreated to the citadel. After the security guards searched the deck areas, the crew made a thorough search of the ship. A robber hiding in the hawse pipe was apprehended. He was handed to local agents. Oil was stolen from the tanker.5
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