Southeast Asia
Six incidents of robbery of vessels were reported in Southeast Asia in July 2018. All these incidents could be classified as petty theft. A robbery on the Bulk Carrier Capt Stefanos was reported at Muara Berau Anchorage, Samarinda.1 Thirteen incidents were recorded at this anchorage in 2018. A robbery and an attempted robbery were reported at Batangas Anchorage, Philippines in July 2018. The Product Tanker, Maersk Cancun was also boarded at Sandakan Port, Sabah, Malaysia in July 2018. A ship’s bell, a coil of heaving line and two bicycles were stolen.2 Two barges towed by tug boats were boarded and robbed in the Singapore Straits while the vessels were underway.
Eight robberies and attempted robberies on tug boats towing barges, and in one case an unmanned oil rig,   were reported in the Singapore Straits and the South China Sea south of Singapore since October 2017. Scrap metal and ship’s and crew’s property were stolen during these incidents. The Indonesian Navy arrested two robbers on the tug Dabo 105 in January 2018.
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