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Five incidents of piracy and robbery of vessels were reported in Southeast Asia in February 2018. Vessels were at anchor during two incidents. Two attacks were reported in the Sulu and Sulawesi Seas. Although assailants fired on the vessels in both cases, they were not able to board. A tug was boarded and robbed in Indonesian waters south of Singapore. Since the arrest of five suspects responsible for robberies on container vessel at Manila Anchorages, Philippines in January 2018 by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), no further robberies have been reported in February 2018.

16 February 2018 - At 22:40LT armed men from three motorized bancas, attempted to board the General Cargo Ship, Kudos 1 approximately 4.4nm SE of Sibago Island, Basilan, Philippines. They attempted to board with the help of hooks tied to ropes. The master and crew repelled the attackers by throwing the attackers with boiling water. The gunmen fired on the vessel but retreated to about 500metres from the Kudos 1. The master also activated two flares. The attackers escaped towards Basilan. The PCG and Philippine Navy (PN) reacted to the distress signal and deployed vessels to the location. One crew member sustained cuts from glass fragments from the port window. The vessel also had gunshot damage on the port side.1

22 February 2018 -
Five gunmen in black fatigues approached a fishing trawler in a pump boat 11nm from Kuala Segama, Sabah, Malaysia. The fishermen were taking the nets in at the time. As  they were about eight metres alongside the fishing vessel the armed men ordered them to stop and fired a shot at the fishing vessel. The crew retreated to the engine room. The gunmen moved to the bow and fired at the vessel. The trawler’s skipper cut the nets and sped towards Sandakan. The gunmen continued firing on the trawler and eventually moved away. The trawler sustained some damage from the gunshots.2

24 February 2018 - The tug, Mitra Samudera 28 towing an empty barge was boarded by four armed men in Karimun Regency waters, south of Singapore. The tug was enroute to Sumatra after offloading coal. The crew were robbed. One crew member was also seriously wounded during the incident.3

Feedback MT MGT 1 Hijacking

Interpol issued a red notice for Udin Jawi, one of the suspects in the MT MGT 1 hijacking in September 2018.3 Two Indonesian suspects Jawi and Arjuna, were identified .4 The Thai flagged Product Tanker,   MGT 1 was hijacked on 6 September 2017 approximately 54nm east of Kuala Dungun, Malaysia. A MMEA air asset located the vessel 37nm north east of Pulau Tenggol on 7 September 2017. Ten Indonesian suspects were arrested. A speedboat with three pirates onboard fled on approach of the helicopter. The suspects led investigators to the arrest of the mastermind, Heinrick Piterson Parera. 
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