Southeast Asia
Nine incidents of piracy and robbery of vessels and a suspicious approach were reported in Southeast Asia in October 2017. Five fishermen were kidnapped from a trawler in Sulu, Philippines. Three robberies, an attempted robbery and a suspicious approach were reported in the Singapore Straits and its approaches. Three robberies and an attempted robbery were reported at anchorages - one at Muara Berau Anchorage, Samarinda, Indonesia, a robbery and an attempted robbery at Cilacap Anchorage, Indonesia and one at Manila South Harbour Anchorage, Philippines.


14 October 2017 - The two fishing trawlers FB Danvil 2 and FB Danvil 8 took shelter from bad weather at Port Poblacion, Pangutaran, Sulu, Philippines. At around 20:15LT armed men in two motorized pump boats approached and kidnapped five of the fishermen from the FB Danvil 8. The kidnapped crew members are Cipriano Sardido,Imo Fausto,Jonald Minalang,Joshua Ybañez and Vergel Arquino.1
Robberies of vessels in the Singapore Straits and Approaches

Five incidents were reported in the Singapore Straits and approaches. During four incidents vessels were underway when the boarding or suspicious approach occurred.

12 October 2017
- The unmanned rig, Energy 1 undertow by the tug, MMA Crystal was boarded by five to six robbers in the Singapore Strait. They were underway from Bintan, Indonesia to Chittagong, Bangladesh. The master raised the alarm and the robbers escaped with a few ropes.2

17 October 2017 - The Bulk Carrier, Jutta was boarded by two robbers 8.9nm NW of Tanjung Sebong, Pulau Bintan, Indonesia in the eastbound lane of the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) of the  Singapore Strait. Engine spares were stolen.3

26 October 2017 - Three or four robbers in a small wooden boat came alongside the general cargo ship, HR Endeavour approximately 1.8nm NW of Pulau Cula, Indonesia. They moved away when spotted by the crew.4

28 October 2017 - The Chemical Tanker, BW Myna was boarded by five men armed with long knives while at anchor approximately 13nm NNE of Tanjung Berakit, Pulau Bintan, Indonesia. They escaped in a small boat when the alarm was raised. Nothing was stolen.5

30 October 2017
- Five robbers armed with knives boarded the Crude Oil tanker, GP T2,  6.5nm NE of Terumbu Betata, Batam Island, Indonesia in the eastbound lane of the TSS of the Singapore Strait. Engine spares were stolen.6

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