Southeast Asia
Five incidents of robbery of vessels were reported in Southeast Asia in August 2018. An attempted  robbery was reported at Muara Berau Anchorage, Samarinda, Indonesia. Fourteen incidents were recorded at this anchorage in 2018. A robbery was reported about 2.6nm north of Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta, Indonesia. An attempted boarding of a berthed product tanker was reported at Insular Oil Terminal, Davao, Philippines. A tug was boarded NE of Sabah, Malaysia.

10 August 2018 -  Ten masked men boarded the tug, Ever Alpha from speed boats while underway off Tambisan Island, NE of Sabah, Malaysia. The tug was towing a barge carrying 3 900 tons of Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO) at the time. The crew locked access to the tug and contacted local authorities. The masked men fled on approach of the security boat.1

19 August 2018 -  Two Malaysian flagged fishing boats with eleven crew were intercepted by two Thai boats near Pulau Langgun, Langkawi, Malaysia. Conflicting reports from this incident emerged. The intercepting boats were crewed by twelve Thais from Satun, amongst them three police members. They claimed that they intercepted the fishing boat in Thai waters. The fishermen claimed that they were robbed by the Thai nationals. Four Malaysians in the second boat were taken to the Thai coast. The Malaysians contacted their marine police for help. One of the Thai boats was intercepted by Malaysian authorities and four Thai suspects were arrested including the three policemen. Since then Malay authorities released the policemen to Thai authorities. The policemen have been temporary suspended while investigations are ongoing as it was found that they arrested the Malaysian fishermen in Malaysian waters. They also work from Muang Satun Police Station and had no authority to intercept fishing vessels at sea.2
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