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Two incidents connected to kidnapping gangs on fishing vessels were reported in March 2018 - one in Bangladesh and one in India.

3 March 2018 - Members of the Forest Guard rescued 14 fishermen and seven fishing boats after a firefight with a kidnapping gang in the Katka Ghat area of the Sunderbans, Bangladesh. A follow up operation led to the rescue and release of eight more fishermen and three boats.2

23 March 2018 - Four members of the Janab Mollah kidnapping gang were arrested as they waited to ambush fishermen at Pirkhali Island, India. After receiving information the special operations group of Baruipur police found the kidnapper’s boat at 04:00LT. They managed to capture four members after a firefight with the group, but the rest of the gang managed to escape. Habibur Dhali, 26, Habibullah Bahar, 32, Saheb Ali Ghazi, 31, and Mohammad Bilal Hossain, 27 were arrested.  Seven guns and 15 rounds of ammunition were also confiscated.3
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