East Africa and the HRA
An attack on the Product Tanker, Leopard Sun was reported on 22 February 2018 approximately 315nm ENE of Mogadishu, Somalia. The tanker increased speed and the onboard security team returned fire resulting in the pirates abandoning the attack. The ship sustained damage due to gunfire.5

A legislative proposal was accepted in the lower house of Dutch parliament allowing security guards on Dutch ships sailing through areas where piracy is prevalent to keep their own weapons and use them when necessary. An amendment was however introduced stating that 180 degree camera surveillance should be maintained onboard and/or that security guards must wear body cameras. In case of an attack these images should be handed over to the Public Prosecutor. It is expected  that the proposal would also carry majority support in the upper house of parliament.6 The use of cameras during piracy attacks have many advantages as it keeps record of the unfolding of events. Cameras will protect both the rights of security teams and fishermen operating in high risk areas.

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