East Africa, Gulf of Oman and the HRA
No piracy related incidents were reported off East Africa or the Arabian Sea in April 2018.
3 April 2018 -  The fully laden Saudi flagged very large crude carrier (VLCC) Abaqaiq came under attack SW of the port of Al Hudaydah, Yemen. The vessel suffered minor damage with a hole above the waterline. The Houthis claimed responsibility for the attack.6
Hole in outer hull of Abaqaiq.
Source: MAST

24 April 2018 -  The Emirate fishing boat, FF 666 was one of a fleet of fishing vessels that were fired on 50nm off the coast of Fujairah, UAE while fishing for tuna. Four men armed with what appeared to be AK-47s started shooting at them. They laid down on the deck to avoid the shots. The attackers also shot in the air. The fishermen assumed that the men are smugglers and that they had disturbed them.7

Tension are growing on Socotra Island as UAE forces deployed four military craft and 100 troops there without informing the government of Yemeni President Abedraboo Mansour Hadi, whom controls the island.8
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