Five robberies on vessels at anchor were reported in South America and the Caribbean in August 2018. A robbery was reported at Macapa Anchorage, Brazil and an attempted robbery at Santos Anchorage, Brazil. Two attempted robberies were reported at Guayaquil, Ecuador. An attempted robbery was also reported at Port Au Prince, Haiti. It is the fifth incident reported at this anchorage in 2018.

12 August 2018
-  Four robbers boarded the Grimaldi owned ro-ro cargo ship, Grande Francia while at anchor at Santos Anchorage, Brazil using a rope and a hook. The robbers started opening containers on deck. They were spotted by the duty crew. On hearing the alarm they fled. Local police and customs boarded for investigation. The next day, 13 August 2018, authorities seized 1.32 metric tons of cocaine onboard. The drugs made up of 1202 tablets were in 41 sacks in two containers. On 7 August 2018 another Grimaldi vessel, Grande Nigeria was caught in an trafficking attempt as a speed boat came alongside and lifted 18 suitcases to the ships cargo deck. They were caught by police and port security on CCTV camera. Authorities couldn’t reach the boat in time to arrest the perpetrators. The waterproof suitcases contained 1.2 ton of cocaine. They were found in a container with rice and scrap. An investigation was launched to investigate if port workers and crew were involved. Traditionally robbers  are known to steal the content of containers from container ships at Santos Anchorage, although the last incident reported was in 2013. It is unclear if the robbery is connected to drug smuggling or if the discovery of the drugs were coincidental.6
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