Five incidents were reported in South America in February 2018. A robbery at Puerto la Cruz Anchorage and a robbery at Puerto Jose Anchorage, Venezuela; a robbery at Macapa Anchorage, Brazil; an attempted robbery at Port Au Prince Anchorage, Haiti; and an attempted robbery at Guayaquil Inner Anchorage, Ecuador were reported in February 2018.

27 February 2018 -  While at anchor at Port Au Prince Anchorage, Haiti the AB onboard the tanker, Maersk Maya noticed two armed men on the forecastle deck. He raised the alarm and the crew mustered. One of the armed men fired a shot in the air after which the robbers fled the vessel.20

Fugitive arrested in Brazil for murder of Sir Peter Blake in 2001

Jose Irandir Cardoso, involved in the robbery on the yacht Seamaster in 2001 that eventually led to the death of  yachtsman Sir Peter Blake, has been captured by police after more than 15 years on the run. Cardoso was arrested in February 2018 after military police intercepted him at a routine stop on Marajo Island, Brazil. He was carrying his brother's ID at the time. His identity came to light after checking his fingerprints at a local police station. Cardoso disappeared after being sentenced to 32 years in prison.21

Cardosa part of a gang named the Water Rats fired on the yacht, Seamaster on 5 December 2001 while it was anchored at Macapa, in the Amazon River, Brazil. Blake had a rifle but it malfunctioned. He was shot in the back and died as a result. Two crew members sustained injuries due to knife wounds. The gang fled with the outboard motor and some watches. Ricardo Colares Tavares, the man that killed Blake received a 37 year sentence. Five other members of the gang received 32 year sentences.
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